BitGym Takes Users on Virtual Run Through Venice & The Alps

Running on a treadmill can be totally boring, but San Francisco developer Alex Gourley is hoping to change that. The company is trying to raise $30,000 on Kickstarter to turn an ordinary trip to the gym into an outdoor adventure around the world. The app lets users bike ride down the California coast, hike through the Swiss Alps or run through Venice, Italy. Here is more about the project:

BitGym takes your exercises around the world with the stunning Virtual Active catalog of interactive trail and road tours. At launch we will have 24 tours, and we will add another every week. Members get unlimited access to these. We are also building new interactive activities to make your exercise more engaging, fun and social. These include guided workouts, games, classes and video tours. Our goal is to give every BitGym member a brand new activity every single day and to make sure each activity can be done either cooperatively or competitively with friends. 

Users can stream these virtual tours on their device through an app or download videos just in case their gym doesn’t have Wi-Fi. Follow this link to watch a video demo. (Via Mashable).