Beyond Fighting 2 launches with Premium vs. Freemium model


Beyond Fighting 2 hit iOS today, offering fans a new pricing model for their popular franchise, one developer PJS Coding calls Premium vs. Freemium (fight!).

To get the game in the hands of as many players as possible, BF2 is being offered as a free-to-play game, but PJS realizes many of its loyal fan base hates the wait times and ads associated with the F2P model, so they are also releasing a premium version of the game that is being offered from January 8 through the 14th for just $0.99. After that, the premium version of BF2 will be sold in the App Store for its regular price of $3.99.

Once upgraded to premium, all virtual currency is removed from the game, with any remaining content simply unlockable through gameplay.

It will be interesting to follow the game’s download history to see which model prevails, especially in the early days where $0.99 gets you everything.


As for the game itself, BF2 features 16 fighters duking it out with 2 melee weapons per character. Skills can be upgraded, including speed and combos, while injuries during battle appear in real time, highlighted by dirt on the clothes and cuts and bruises on skin. In addition, the game includes three modes of play: Story (100+ fights in a tournament with bosses), Survival (compete for the highest score), and Go Beyond (with each stage you complete, your opponent’s life points increase for the next round).

Check back to AppData throughout the coming months to see if BF2’s pricing plan brings more virtual fighters to the arena than past games in franchise history.