Because you can’t spell ‘media’ without ‘I’ and ‘me’: 2005 in review

fireworks.jpgIf I had to sum up, in one word, the year in Los Angeles media, the word I would use is ‘media.’ Because, good lord, there was a lot of it. Probably more media in this media year than any other media year. Because that’s the thing about media. It just keeps spreading, like athlete’s foot or that ‘Lazy Sunday’ video. Which I guess is media, so there goes that analogy. But athlete’s foot isn’t media, unless it’s a media person’s athlete’s foot. Like Bob Scheer. I’m not saying he has athlete’s foot, mind you. I’m just using him as an example. Still, I wouldn’t share a pair of socks with him.

As chief biggie Fishbowler for most of the past year, until I slipped Claude some roofies and persuaded him to join me, it’s been my privilege to witness the media goings-on of Los Angeles and environs. Here’s what you need to remember about 2005:

Nikki Finke made lots of predictions. Some of them played out, some of them not so much, others, still to be determined. (Has anyone been counting newspaper movie ads? I tried to get the Fishterns on this, but they balked.)

Arianna Huffington made the blogosphere slightly glamorous. And threw parties.

Speaking of glamorous figures, Arnold Schwarzenegger got some media egg on his media face. The thing about Arnold is, at this point, it’s impossible to come up with any fresh jokes to make about him. So hasta la vista, baby! And by ‘baby,’ I mean jokes about Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Michael Kinsley had a big year. He squabbled with Susan Estrich, taught us a futuristic dance step called the ‘wiki‘, and was shown the door. As Ennis said at the end of ‘Brokeback Mountain’, oh, Michael, I swear. I’m just saying I miss him, not that I want to go on fishing trips with him.

Vanity Fair
let a reporter pimp her own philanthropic organization. I’m still getting over this one. At my high school newspaper, we wouldn’t let someone who was on the French Club cover a French Club meeting. But I guess VF is special that way.

In a special investigation, Fishbowl unearthed a secret connection between the NYT Styles section and the corridors of political power. (Note: Zoe Wolff seems to have taken down her Friendster page.)

There were other media moments, both big and small, but I missed some of them because I was playing ‘World of Warcraft.’ I’ll do better next year, at least until ‘World of Warcraft 2’ comes out.

Coming tomorrow: Predictions for 2006!