Because We Need More Fights In Design

Picture 1.png

If the above image itself doesn’t get you to the Architectural League’s program on October 11, how about the fact that you will almost certainly witness a heated battle over New York City’s future–and those are always fun. Jane Jacobs vs. Robert Moses: How Stands the Debate Today? brings together folks from both sides of the urban planning fence to discuss Jacobs and Moses’ legacies and square off about issues facing the city today.

Let’s see, who of the panelists would we put our money on in a modern-day bout? Let’s go with NY Times architecture critic Nicolai Ouroussoff getting his ass kicked by NY City Planning Commission chair Amanda Burden–she’s bound to have beat down her share of men over the course of her career and he’s, well, he’s probably just a timid, scrawny writer-type like us. We’ll see you in the ring.