BBDO Is Watching and Knows How Dull You Are


Pointed in the right direction by PSFK, we found this article over at BusinessWeek, “Daily Rituals of the World,” which concerns a study the ad agency BBDO just put together about the daily routines of we normal everyday Joes. Or, wait, no, scratch that — they were studying “daily rituals” which is apparently much more different than routines:

An extensive global study of daily rituals. Unlike habits or routines, which may be ingrained but carry no emotional meaning, a ritual is described in the study as “a defined series of actions that helps us transform from one emotional state to another.”

See, that’s much more clear. It’s one of those reads that you’ll either find yourself banging your head against the wall, trying to find the point of spending millions of dollars to gain the tremendous insight that, say, “44% of Brazilians read in the bathroom” or that people, nearly every day, brush their teeth, or you’ll think how wonderful it is that there are companies out there so dedicated that they don’t mind spending millions of dollars gathering all of this up and trying to more forcefully get to you through those five unaccountable free seconds you have in your day.