Barack Obama Drinking Coffee With Everyone but The New York Times

wapo.obama2.JPGDoes Barack Obama have something against the New York Times? We talked about this a bit on the media menu this morning but it’s beginning to seem like Obama is planning on visiting every newspaper but the Times. Yesterday he hit both the USA Today and Washington Post newsrooms and today is heading to Ohio before making his ceremonial way to DC by train, so unless there is some sort of unscheduled pit stop in Manhattan it doesn’t look like he will make it to the Times before the Inauguration.

Over at FBDC Patrick Gavin got his hands on the pool report from yesterday’s PEOTUS trip to WaPo — ironically penned by the Times Helene Cooper, who sounds slightly less than thrilled about covering the trip. Despite Drudge’s interpretation that there was some sort of standing ovation, Howie Kurtz assures that the room managed to remain (mostly calm). Cooper’s pool report after the jump.

After three and a half hours at his transition office, PEOTUS obama took another 6 minute ride through washington, arriving at 157 pm at the nondescript soviet-style building at 15th and L street that houses the washington post.

Around 100 people–Post reporters perhaps?–awaited PEOTUS’s arrival, cheering and bobbing their coffee cups.

Pool is holding in a van outside, while Mr obama does his washington post interview, and will exercise enormous restraint by ending report before saying what really thinks about this turn of events.

Helene Cooper
The New York Times