Bara Vaida: The FishbowlDC Interview

Say hello to National Journal’s Bara Vaida.

Vaida writes about lobbying and advocacy for NJ and helped to spearhead the creation of Under The Influence.

She’s been hard at work recently on NJ’s State of Lobbying issue, which hits stands this Friday, March 20th.

What does your morning reading list include? The Washington Post (the actual paper… my favorite way to read news) and then my Google Reader which pulls everything else I need into one place on my computer.

What single person has played the biggest role or has had the biggest influence on your career? I’ve been lucky to have had a number of mentors but the person who stands out is my English professor in college. She encouraged me to get into journalism.

How many suits do you own? Four work suits, three ski suits. I have my priorities straight.

What is the name of your cell phone ring? iPhone’s standard.

How many emails do you receive a day? How many do you answer? Probably about 200 emails and I answer 50-75 of them.

Where do you power-lunch? My desk mostly, but some of my favorite places to meet sources: Tosca, Bangkok Joe’s and coffee at the many Starbucks across town.

What’s your favorite or go-to drink? A glass of red wine.

Who is your favorite active journalist? I have many but I enjoy Bethany McLean, an excellent business reporter with Vanity Fair and Matt Bai with The New York Times Magazine.

What subject line in an email grabs your attention? Anything that says “lobbyist” or “K Street.”

What section of the Sunday Washington Post do you read first? Opinion

If you ran a doctor’s office or a bank, what cable station would you have on in your waiting room or lobby? The Food Network.

What kind of dog should the Obamas get and what should they name their new pet? A chow chow mix (because they look like living teddy bears and mixes are nicer than purebreds) I would never presume to tell anyone what to name their dog.

Who would you most enjoy seeing parodied on SNL? Rahm Emmanuel versus Rush Limbaugh celebrity Jeopardy could be a funny skit.

Leno or Letterman? Stewart or Colbert? Letterman and Stewart.

Taking a cue from The Chris Matthews Show here, tell us something we don’t know… I’m totally nuts for my dog, Barkley — a chow-chow mix.