Banned Phrases

Wonkette serves up a list (and is fielding recommendations) of words and phrases that she’d like to see banned in 2006 (with many that are all too familiar among media-types). See the full list here.

We’re particularly eager to see these nominees fall by the wayside.

  • Scalito
  • “You’re in the Situation Room”
  • “Ongoing investigation”
  • Plamegate
  • “Double super secret”
  • “Personal waiver”

Some other terms we’d like to see pass: “Douchebag for Liberty.” “Miller Time.” “TimesSelect.”

Okay, we’re just dreaming on that last one…

(Clearly on a Humor Roll today, Wonkette–discussing the PR Week story we alluded to below–also whips up “The top ten other things that Scott should not mistake for respect.”)