luketim.jpgIt’s been a while since Arianna Huffington last attacked Tim Russert, but rest assured she’s back on the case: “Today on Meet the Press, a Meet the Press classic. No, not a rerun, but a show that so clearly exemplifies what’s wrong with this show and with the mainstream/Beltway media culture it represents that it should be sent straight to the Smithsonian.”

See Arianna was wondering why Russert yesterday trotted out the “tired and depressing vaudeville routine” of Mary Matalin and James Carville. Answer? Because Carville is set to announce tonight on Jay Leno that he’s hosting a new XM Sports show with Tim Russert’s son (left, with Dad on the Meet set).

Wait!? Luke Russert? As in Tim’s college-age son? Yes indeed-y. You might remember Luke from and his hot posse of coeds (scroll down).

There was lots of funny ha-ha banter back and forth about what the secret thing that Carville was going to announce was. Oodles of good-ole-boy backscratching, as Arianna says. “Does Tim think nobody’s going to notice that he’s having a guest on his ‘news’ show who is making it possible for his son to co-host a national sports radio show before he’s out of college?”