LA Times Reporter Continues to Blow Lid Off Area 51

Tavis Smiley‘s June 24 interview with Annie Jacobsen (pictured), LA Times Magazine contributing editor and author of the New York Times best-seller Area 51: An Uncensored History of America’s Top Secret Military Base, is currently one of the “Most Viewed” videos on the talk show host’s website.

In case you missed the conversation, and-or have not yet had a chance to catch up with Jacobsen’s book, the claims made by the author are nothing short of astounding. For example, per the Smiley interview, here’s what a nuclear weapons engineer told Jacobsen about all that supposed UFO and alien business in the Nevada desert:

“The source told me that something really did crash in the desert in New Mexico in 1947… Stalin had sent this prototype of a flying disc here to serve as a kind of a war of the world hoax, the same way that Americans had been moved to mass hysteria in 1938 when they believed Martians were attacking earth…

So inside this prototype of a flying disc were humans who had been horrifically altered to resemble what the public now perceives to be Martians with a large head and the eyes… That horrific program, rather than being made public by Truman when it happened, a decision came down from above that, if the Russians were doing this kind of horrific what I called wicked science, then the Americans needed to do it too because we could not fall behind the Russians in terms of science.”

Orson Welles, indirectly connected to a second bit of epic 20th century extra-terrestrial mythmaking?! If true, that’s crazy.