Are You a Mobile Pioneer, Wannabe or Traditionalist? Ask InsightExpress.

A new study from InsightExpress divides mobile users into three distinct categories based on the way they consume their mobile content.

First up is the “Mobile Pioneer,” those early adopters who are well ahead of the pack in using all the cool new tech toys. According to a report on the research, Mobile Pioneers make up 15% of mobile content users, tend to be under 35 years old and are heavy users of mobile video, Internet and other advanced features.

“Mobile Wannabes” are the folks who’ve checked out some of the cool stuff their phone can do and think about buying the new gadgets that the Pioneers have already tried. The article notes that while the Pioneers set the technology trends, the Wannabes are the ones who make them popular. This group makes up about 25% of the market.

The largest group is “Mobile Traditionalists,” who make up 60% of the market. They’re the ones who don’t need their phones to do anything more than make phone calls and let them send and receive text messages. Yes, these are your parents’ cell phones; some two-thirds of Mobile Traditionalists are over 35.