Are Smartphones Killing the Standalone GPS Device Market?

The modern cell phone has reduced the demand for a surprising number of products. The wireline telephone is an obvious one. Disconnected PDAs are also obvious. Disconnected MP3 audio players may also owe their sales problems to music playing phones as well as iPods. Digital still and video cameras appear to be threatened too. And, even portable game consoles might want to show approrpriate fear. So, what’s next on the smartphone hitlist? The New York Times says…

Sending GPS Devices the Way of the Tape Deck?

I didn’t realize, until reading this article, that well-known GPS companies like Garmin, Magellen and TomTom have seen double digit percentage sales declines in the past year.

My personal opinion is that a standalone GPS unit beats any smartphone GPS I’ve tried over the years. But, the reality is that I rarely take my standalone GPS with me unless I’m testing some routing idea or am literally going somewhere unfamiliar.

What next on the smartphone hitlist after the GPS? If micro-projectors become affordable and popular, the good ol’ TV may be next.