Arch2030 Now Buying Ad Space


We’d been checking in with this Architecture 2030 project every once in a while, to get a fix on what they’re up to. You may know of them, they’re the foundation that has a whole slew of big name firms, architects, societies and even politicians (including our beloved Mayor Daley here in Chicago), trying to push for regulations on building, development and renovations to follow guidelines making them more efficient, more “green.” Archinect this weekend got the story that they’re now taking their message to the people, buying a full page ad in this week’s New Yorker, explaining who they are, what companies are behind them in trying to make a positive change and offering up a boat load of footnotes in trying to back up their data. From what we’ve read, it seems a little like a big plug for Home Depot, Wal-Mart and the state of California (reading similarly to those “we love the earth more than you do!” ads Shell takes out every week in the magazine), but maybe that’s just because we’re a bunch of fist-waving, head-shaking cynics around here.