Apps to help manage or pay medical bills

Image via Flikr/Lower Columbia College
Image via Flikr/Lower Columbia College

With the cost of living rising exponentially in recent years, the expenses are piling up, and families or individuals with medical bills often struggle to pay for care on top of normal household costs. In addition, just simply paying the bills can be frustrating, with confusing legalese and complicated forms muddying the works. The mobile apps and websites listed below were compiled to help find ways to pay and organize these bills.

Thanks to websites like Kickstarter, crowdsourcing has become fairly common in recent years. Similar to Kickstarter, GoFundMe allows patrons to create a website that expresses their story and financial needs, and allows others to donate to the cause. The website has a diverse range of categories, including Medical and Illnesses, and is designed to fully help the user reach their financial goals.

Like GoFundMe, Tipping Circle is made for fundraising. An app that is available on several mobile devices, Tipping Circle allows the user to exchange money with friends, or set up a “social tipping bucket” for fundraisers, helping numerous people pay for medical bills or support other causes.

While not made for fundraising, the mobile app Splitwise certainly makes sharing expenses between two or more people easier to manage. The app keeps a running total of payments, allowing users to track both their own and the payments of the other members of their group.

When it comes to managing medical bills, Simplee’s mobile app is the best tool. Aside from allowing users to pay their bills using their smartphone or mobile device, the app also keeps a detailed breakdown of all medical bills including insurance coverage, all-in-all making the act of paying one’s healthcare bills inordinately simpler.

Mobile app CakeHealth is also one of the better options for managing medical bills. Cakehealth monitors the insurance claims of subscribers and provides information about policy updates, as well as independently scanning for potential billing mistakes such as swapped medications and double entries.

These tools should hopefully help, both alleviating and managing some of the added financial burden of healthcare, while also providing some measure of relief to all those in need of assistance with the bills.