Apple Continues to Have Trouble Building in Georgetown Over Store Design Issues


While an Apple retail outlet often has the most attractive storefront design of anything at your local mall, their minimalism doesn’t always fly everywhere. That’s the case playing out right now in Washington D.C.’s swanky-yet-colonial Georgetown neighborhood. The two committees in charge of keeping Georgetown looking like Georgetown have said no to Apple’s submitted plans for this new location, complete with their standard glowing logo out front, saying it strays too far from the image the neighborhood has cultivated and that it “the design turned the building into a billboard.” And this is apparently the third time their plans have been turned down, with this latest one “blessed by Steve Jobs himself.” Personally, even though it might mean a little less traffic, we suggest they skip all the hassle and just move things up the road a couple of blocks on Wisconsin Avenue and sit it right next door to the wonderful Cactus Cantina, for no other reason than we’d like to go wander around the store after a few pitchers of strong margaritas.