Apple Approved 2322 Apps in 2 Days Last Week: Is the App Approval Floodgate Wide Open Now?

AppShopper noted an interesting spike in new iPhone apps…

Friday’s Avalanche of Apps

According to AppShopper’s tracking of apps approved per day, there are weekly mini mid-week app approval spike of around 600. There was an exceptional day in late July when 947 apps were approved. That was due, most likely, to an influx of iPhone OS 3.0 compatible apps. However, last week, there was a whopper of an approved app spike with 1394 apps being approved and available in the App Store followed the next day with another 928 approved apps.

AppShopper’s assumption, and I agree with it, is that this is an indication that Apple is responding to developers’ complaints of giant backlog in the app approval process.

Of course, we won’t actually know this is the case until after we follow the app release trail for a few more weeks. It will take that long to assess the general trend of daily and weekly app releases.