Apple Announces Facebook Integration | Twitter Opens New Headquarters in Style | Americans Skeptical of Social Media

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Apple Brings Facebook Integration to Mobile and Desktop OS (Inside Facebook)
Apple announced Monday at the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) that iOS 6 will be released in “the fall” and it will include Facebook integration and OSX Mountain Lion, which allows users to sign in once and easily post back to the social network. Similar to Apple’s Twitter integration, iOS 6 offers the “tap to post” option directly from iOS 6, and sharing from Photos, Safari, Maps and other applications. VentureBeat The Facebook integration, interestingly enough, even extends to iTunes and the App Store. In iOS 6, the App Store will feature Facebook “like” buttons, and users will be able to see which applications their friends like. PC Magazine Apple introduced a revamped Maps app for iOS 6 that ditches Google Maps in favor of an in-house offering developed in Cupertino, Calif. It will replace the Google Maps app that currently comes pre-installed on all iOS devices. ZDNET The long keynote by Apple execs was long on new products, the most impressive being the new MacBook Pro. The 15.4-inch retina display pushes the portable line into the high-performance realm, with powerful components packed in a MacBook Air thin frame. The Huffington Post Siri in iOS 6 will come with several new knowledge bases: Users will soon be able to ask their iPhones for sports scores, games’ scheduled start times, historical information about athletes, restaurant information and reservation availability, movie times and reviews and actor and actress and director filmographies. Apple’s strongest, most dazzling weapon in the war to differentiate its iPhone from all those other smartphones just received a fresh stockpile of ammunition. VentureBeat As a group, iOS developers scraped together a grand total of $2.5 billion between last year’s WWDC and Monday. The company announced that third-party developers for its platform had earned $5 billion to date — that’s double the $2.5 billion figure touted at last year’s event.

Days of Wild User Growth Appear Over at Facebook (The Wall Street Journal)
Facebook’s user growth rate in the United States is slowing sharply. In April, U.S. unique visitors to the website increased to 158 million, up just 5 percent from a year earlier, according to research firm comScore. AP Users spent more than six hours a month on the site in April, up 16 percent from the prior year. Still, that’s a slower growth rate than the 23 percent increase in 2011. Bloomberg Facebook, with more than 900 million members worldwide, gets about half of its revenue from the U.S. and Canada. Slowing growth is to be “expected given Facebook’s current size and market penetration,” said Andrew Lipsman, a vice president of industry analysis at comScore, in an emailed statement.

Twitter’s ‘New Nest’ is Better Labeled an Aviary (AllTwitter)
The Twitter blog tells us that the flock has found a new home in downtown San Francisco, Calif., calling their new abode their “new nest.” But by our standards, there’s nothing small, cozy or plain about this tony new address — nothing to make it seem very nest-like, so we’re calling it Twitter’s new aviary. Seattle Post-Intelligencer The social networking company opened its doors Monday morning with a rooftop barbecue, gorgeous weather and hundreds of thrilled Twitter employees retweeting each others’ photos of the company headquarters. City officials hope the move will jumpstart corporate and commercial revitalization of the area.

Study: Despite Popularity, Americans Skeptical of Social Media (Mashable)
While most Americans believe the Internet and social media have made it easier to be well-informed consumers and citizens, they are skeptical about the trustworthiness of the information they find there, a new survey shows. More than two-thirds of Americans believe major corporations and political candidates are active on social media mostly to advertise, collect information on customers or supporters and increase their own success, either in profits or votes.

Facebook Picks Up the Mobile Development Team From Pieceable (TechCrunch)
The developers from Pieceable, which created an easy way for publishers to build their apps and preview them in a Web browser, are joining Facebook. They could end up creating more tools for the mobile platform, akin to the Web-based app viewer or the build-your-own-mobile-app service they had developed before. Or they could just work on Facebook’s plain old mobile apps too.

Roqbot Raises $1.2M From Google Ventures & More to Turn Your Smartphone into a Social Jukebox (TechCrunch)
Roqbot, a virtual jukebox solution that lets users crowdsource music in bars, cafes and stores, is kicking its national expansion up a notch with a round of seed funding led by Google Ventures and Detroit Venture Partners. Accelerator Ventures, T5 Capital and Penny Black also contributed to the startup’s $1.2 million seed raise.

Five Things to Know: Foursquare (Adweek)
Adweek’s Tim Peterson explains why foursquare is now more than just a social status game.

New York Mom Takes to Twitter to Help Ailing Daughter Meet Justin Bieber (Woodbury Patch)
Emme Brenner is a 10-year-old Woodbury, N.Y., girl with an incurable genetic heart defect, and she is a bigtime Justin Bieber fan. Her mom, Dawn, has taken to Twitter to get in touch with Bieber after her niece suggested she give the social network a try, but so far she hasn’t heard back.

700-Pound Man That Turned to YouTube for Help Has Lost Over 100 Pounds (SocialTimes)
Back in March, Robert Gibbs, a morbidly obese man, reached out on YouTube for help in a video called “Overweight Guy Asks for Help.” The video went viral, racking up over a million views and catching the attention of transformation specialist Chris Powell, Dr. Phil and others in a matter of days. Days ago, Gibbs returned to YouTube with a super positive new video, in which he reports that he has lost more than 100 pounds.