App Developers Say Listen To Customer Feedback

The app world is new and as it develops, the best thing that app publishers can do is to listen to users and evolve the technology based on feedback.

At a panel today at the O’Reilly “Tool of Change” conference, publishing app developers discussed how communicating with customers can help push app development forward.

Pete Myers, CEO of BirdsInTheHand, a company that makes apps for bird fans, said that customers helped build their apps. “Birders want to find new birds. They are desperate for a tool like this. Beta testers were the most important part of the process to help us polish our apps,” he said.

Oceanhouse Media developed one of its most popular features, an autoplay tool, based on customer feedback. “Toddlers were pulling themselves out of the app, so we changed the process and created an autoplay function,” said Michel Kripalani, CEO of Oceanhouse Media.

Gus Balbontin, Global Innovation Manager at Lonely Planet, said that since the app world is new, customers are forgiving. “Don’t be afraid of screwing it up,” he said. “There is forgiveness. It is new to them as it is new to us.”