AP Layoff Update: Four Bureaus Closed, Says Union

AP logo2.pngToday, the News Media Guild, which represents 1,300 Associated Press employees, provided an update on this week’s layoffs.

According to the union, 14 more people lost their jobs yesterday, bringing the grand total of unionized AP staffers laid off during this week to 71. Four bureaus are also being closed due to the cuts. Reports the guild:

“The terminations Wednesday involved nine newspersons, three editorial assistants, one photographer, and one office assistant. The notice appears to state that correspondencies in Dayton, Ohio; Roanoke, Va.; Grand Rapids, Mich.; and Jacksonville, Fla., are being closed.In addition, the Guild is aware of layoffs among U.S. managers and overseas staff.”

And, it might not be over. More layoffs could come today:

“Guild members, citing managers, have reported that more people may lose their jobs Thursday. The AP has not informed the union about future staff reductions, despite Guild requests for information. AP has not provided any assurance to the union that the company is ‘finished’ with this current round of staff reductions.”

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