AP Adds New White House Correspondent

Jim Kuhnhenn has been named White House correspondent for the AP. Kuhnhenn had been covering campaign finance and other political topics for the wire service. Many know Kuhnhenn from his days covering politics and presidential campaigns for the now defunct (largely absorbed by McLatchy) Knight Ridder bureau in DC.

From an internal memo from D.C. Bureau Chief Sally Buzbee…

I am happy to announce that Jim Kuhnhenn will move, starting this week, to the White House, bringing his expertise on economics, politics and Congress to our already strong team there. Jim has spent the last few months writing about campaign spending and the explosion of political money from outside groups, and before that, covered the long and complicated battle over financial regulation.

From the White House, Jim will keep particular watch on the economy and all its many related parts, and help Ben [Feller] and our entire crew there stay on top of the upcoming, fascinating interplay between the White House and the new Congress (along of course with the other responsibilities that come at the White House).