Anti-Ratner Group Hauls Out The Lit Guns

0102bkwasmine.gifNon-profit Develop Don’t Destroy Brooklyn is a single issue organization. Hell, they proudly refer to themselves as “a coalition of 21 community organizations… formally aligned in oposition to the Ratner plan” — as in the Ratner plan to build Atlantic Yards on the Park Slope/Fort Greene/Prospect Heights border. That’s why we were pretty surprised to see WWD refer to DDDB as an organization “which fights for the preservation of Brooklyn neighborhoods” in a piece on a new benefit book for the organization. I mean, it’s technically true — but still, WWD‘s readers would have been better served by a more accurate description of the group.

However, the book looks damn good. Brooklyn Was Mine‘s authors are a cross-section of the new, trendified Brooklyn (though Paul Auster‘s name is suspiciously absent): Emily Barton, Jennifer Egan, Jonathan Lethem, Lara Vapnyar, Katie Roiphe, Darcey Steinke, Darin Strauss, Alexandra Styron and Phillip Lopate all serve as contributors. It’s “an anthology of original nonfiction essays about Brooklyn” — and we’d recommend checking it out regardless.