Another Magazine for Your Stash

LinkClick.gif Verena is not exactly a new magazine, since it’s been available in Europe for eons. But what makes the American launch unique is that it’s now in English. What’s more, there are lots of explanations, pictures, etc. that make it friendly to Americans who want to get the hippest, latest knitted looks without spending a ton of U.S. dollars to do it. Former Vogue Knitting editor Valerie Kurita does all this and more through her love of languages. “Today, having been in the knitting biz for a long time, I’ve gotten to the point where I can “knit-speak” in French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, English (you may or may not know that English knitting instructions have to be Americanized), and Swedish. I wouldn’t be able to help you find a pastry shop or a bathroom in some of these languages, but if you need help figuring out a cable twist in Swedish, I’m your girl,” she says in her blog. For those of you attempting a sweater with instructions in French, contact Kurita now. You can either order Verena online or dash out to your local knitting store to see if they have it in stock.