Another Huffington Post Writer Exits

Author and media theorist Douglas Rushkoff says he won’t be writing for The Huffington Post now that it’s been acquired by AOL.

He was never one of Huffington’s paid writers, instead choosing to write for free because of “the sense was always that we were writing for Arianna – contributing to an empire that spent its winnings bussing people to watch Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert do their thing in Washington. Yes, there are compensating benefits – like getting links or hits or book sales – but it was a very soft quid pro quo based in a sense of shared purpose, and participation in a community beyond the mega-media-corporate sphere of influence.”

Now that Huffington’s “gone corporate,” as it were, he has no desire to give away his scribblings for no payment. “I would do it for Arianna. I won’t do it for AOL,” he says.

Oddly enough, maybe he wouldn’t really do it at all. According to his profile page on HuffPo, he’s contributed a grand total of one article to the site.

(h/t GalleyCat)