Animoca, Dream Cortex Apps Pulled From iOS App Store

Animoca’s apps were mysteriously pulled from the iOS app store overnight. We’re not sure why and we’ve reached out to the Hong Kong-based company. They haven’t responded yet.

It’s not terribly common for a studio, which has been making top-ranked games for more than a year, to get pulled. But it’s not unheard of either. Even Imangi Studios, which makes top-grossing hit Temple Run, saw its game pulled in late November.

If there is a violation of developer terms or if the studio wants to use non-standard practices, the issue is usually resolved quickly. Occasionally, it signals a new implicit policy from Apple, as was the case last April when the platform began rejecting apps containing offer walls.

Animoca is a Hong Kong-based studio that has found momentum in taking an unorthodox strategy. Instead of concentrating all of its efforts in two or three games or a single big franchise, Animoca goes for volume. The company sometimes releases an app or more a week. Its best known title is Pretty Pet Salon, which is listed under the company’s Dream Cortex label.

Animoca’s vast portfolio across iOS and Android was successful enough that the company attracted a round of funding from Intel Capital and IDG-Accel. At the time of its funding, the company said it had seen more than 40 million downloads. It also says it has 10 million players, but its not clear if that’s counting registered, daily active or monthly active users.