Andy Adler, Former WNYW Sports Reporter, Joins Lakers Broadcast Team

Andy Adler, seeking a return to sports broadcasting, is making a splash with the new Los Angeles-based Time Warner Cable SportsNet. She’ll be studio host for its Lakers coverage.

Adler, who in February left her news reporting and anchoring at KNBC, sought a return to sports broadcasting.

Before that, she made her name in New York during a three-year stint as the popular sports reporter at WNYW/Channel 5.

Part of the deal takes Adler back to her roots. She’ll also host for sister station Time Warner Cable Deportes. Adler’s first language growing up in SoCal was Spanish.

“I was actually their first hire,” Adler tells FishbowlNY. “…They’re building this from the ground up, and to me there’s nothing cooler than that.”

Adler knew the channel was great fit for her after the initial conversation with executives David Rone and Mark Shuken.

“It was just so interesting to see them with the kind of experience that they’ve had,” Adler recalls. “To just talk to them and see how excited they were about what they were going to do.”

She says that excitement has trickled down to the entire staff.

Enhancing Adler’s delight for the new venture is having the Lakers as the channel’s signature piece.

“There’s a reason why they call it Laker nation,” Adler says.

But making this project extra special for Adler is the chance to speak Spanish to viewers on a local station dedicated to sports.

“Nothing like that has really ever been done,” Adler admits. “…It’s just cool.”

The regional sports network launches October 1.

“When you get people involved that are so excited and so passionate about what their doing, and you have a product like the Lakers, I don’t think you can go wrong,” Adler says.

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