Android Market Hits 20,000 Apps But Still Lacks a Desktop App Discovery Solution

My Droid is over a month old now and I’m using it quite a bit each day. In fact, its battery dropped to zero by 4:30pm yesterday to my annoyance. But, I’m trying to figure out this anamoly (battery life has been reasonbly good since the 2.01 firmware update). The Droid’s main attaction is the apps I’ve found, downloaded, and installed so far. Android’s app population isn’t nearly are large as the iPhone’s. However, it seems to have grown nicely over the past 14 months since the G1 was released Here’s what MobileCrunch reported…

Android Market grows up, hits 20,000 apps milestone

The big problem is that it is very very difficult to find apps from the 20,000 available. Android Market really needs a good desktop web interface into its app library. It is just too darn hard to rummage through thousands of apps on a tiny screen.