Andrew Sullivan Leaves The Atlantic for The Daily Beast/Newsweek

Andrew Sullivan is leaving his post – or actually just moving it – from The Atlantic to The Daily Beast and Newsweek. He posted on The Daily Dish last night that the column will be moving in April to The Daily Beast, and that he’d be contributing columns for Newsweek as well. Sullivan says in his post that he’s going to dearly miss The Atlantic, but the allure of The Daily Beast and Newsweek was just too strong:

The chance to be part of a whole new experiment in online and print journalism, in the Daily Beast and Newsweek adventure, is just too fascinating and exciting a challenge to pass up. And to work with media legends, Barry Diller and Tina Brown, and with the extraordinary businessmen Sidney Harman and Stephen Colvin, is the opportunity of a lifetime.

Brown recently implemented some cosmetic changes with Newsweek, and the talent she continues to add is impressive. FishbowlNY is excited about the direction she’s taking the venture, because the more time goes by, the more it’s looking to be the right path.