Ana Marie Cox Goes Green


It appears GQ‘s Ana Marie Cox, like former Veep Al Gore, is really into recycling – an old column, that is.

Cox wrote this op-ed for WaPo in April of 2009.
Headline: Why We should Get Rid of the White House Press Corps

This op-ed from July 9, 2010 in the Tahoe Daily Tribune looks awfully familiar.
Headline: COX: Do we need a White House Press Corps?

In both stories, she slams Politico repeatedly (with something that feels like a frying pan).

Story #1: “Outlets such as Politico have thrown a basketball team’s worth of bodies at the project…” The White House briefing room, she writes, is where “stories go to die.”
Story #2: “Politico has at least half a dozen writers covering the administration at any given time, and by that I don’t mean “every day,” but rather “every minute.” And by “covering,” I don’t mean “reporting.”

Cox acknowledges in Story #2 that she has previously covered this topic, writing, “I observed a year ago, when the sheen on the Obama White House had yet to be tarnished by any scandal, that, historically, the White House briefing room is where news goes to die.”

FishbowlDC reached out to Cox, but she did not immediately respond to a request for comment.