An ‘Inside’ Look at Rep. Bachmann Rushing Around in Heels

michele.jpg CNN’s Anderson Cooper featured Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) in what is first in a series on politicians on the trail. It’s intended to be an inside look into campaigns.

Which is an admirable idea unless the congresswoman is in a mad rush. Gary Tuchman, reporting for CNN’s AC360, had a rough time. Bachmann was, after all, tough to pin down, what, with all that rushing around the Minnesota State Fair in St. Paul. Much of the segment was devoted to Bachmann power walking in heels from one Christian radio show and right wing press interview to another. Even male aides in suits were struggling to keep up.

But answering AC360’s questions? Bachmann and her press people weren’t having it. “We’re not taking those questions today, but thank you though,” one aide said, shunning Tuchman and other reporters on the chase. (“Bachman thinks many in the news media are out to get her,” Tuchman explains to set the scene.)

Ultimately, Bachmann took two questions from Tuchman – they aired only one answer and it’s why her opponent, Tarryl Clark, is unfit for office. “We’re polar opposites. She voted for every big spending bill there is,” Bachmann said, tagging on a painfully typical soundbite, saying, “I don’t take any election for granted. So thank yoooooou…” Bachmann rushes off mid-word. Interview over.

The quote of the day comes toward the end from a mustached/goatee man in a baseball cap at the fair, who, when Bachmann rushes by, says loudly to Bachmann and CNN cameras, “You are insane, lady. She is crazy. Could anybody believe the crap that comes out of her mouth?”

Watch the segment here.