Among Weigel’s Pet Peeves, Public Stretching

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Politico’s story

Today, Politico‘s Patrick Gavin braves the weird, wild world of Slate‘s Dave Weigel for an “Answer This” feature. Weigel, an ex-Journolister and former WaPo blogger, answers all the questions, only once asking, “How long is this column?” Today’s feature is 17 questions.

An excerpt:

Describe a few pet peeves of yours.

How long is this column? At some point, “spitting while you walk along the street” became a popular activity in my neighborhood. I despise that, and I despise most public physical displays – stretching in public, intense PDA, spitting gum on the sidewalk, things like that. Also, ankle socks.

More public stretching photographs Weigel may wince at after the jump…

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