Amazon Reviewers Crack Wise About $1.45 Million Monet

Forbes staff writer Clare O’Connor tweeted today that she was deriving great enjoyment from the user reviews on Amazon for a painting being offered at $1.45 million. We followed her tip and sure enough, that observation is right on the Monet.

We’re not familiar enough with Amazon to know if and how they delete gag responses. But at press time, many of the 46 Customer Reviews were squarely in that category:

D. Simpson: What drew me to this product was the free shipping.

A. Vierling: Now tell me why I am going to spend over a million greenbacks for a painting that does not even have a single dog playing poker?

Zack: Yeah, the free shipping is great, but once this thing arrived and I got all the bubble wrap off (took me almost an hour!!), what do I find?? SOME JERK HAD WRITTEN HIS NAME RIGHT THERE ON THE PAINTING and now it’s ruined!!

The Jeant Monet work “L’Enfant a la Tasse” represents the high end of a new site vertical, Amazon Art, launched this week.