All About The Kurtz

In Fishbowl’s Washingtonian debut, the July issue now on newsstands sees the first-ever in-depth profile of Washington Post media writer Howard Kurtz.

cnnKurtz.jpg“As the nation’s preeminent media reporter for the last 15 years, [Kurtz has] attracted more fire and criticism than just about any Post reporter and created a byline as respected and controversial as any in journalism. He’s written four books, hosts a television show on CNN, writes an online column each weekday–and still finds time to churn out more bylined articles than just about anyone else.”

The article begins by tracing Kurtz’s life–from his roots playing street basketball in Brooklyn to the Bergen Record, Jack Anderson, the Washington Star, and then his nearly quarter-century at the Post–including what his friends and colleagues call his shining moment: his three years as New York bureau chief in the late 1980s.

From his background, it continues on to his current role as dean of the nation’s media writers–examining his scoops, conflicts, and controversies.

0507cover.jpg“Despite his multimedia agenda-setting power, Kurtz has remained something of an enigma. He’s never been extensively profiled or, except by Foer, extensively critiqued by other mainstream journalists. That’s not to say that he has escaped controversy. He’s one of the most controversial reporters working in America today.”

It’s long, yes, but if we may say so, very educational. Read the print version to see the amusing photos of a young Howard Kurtz in college.