Alex Baxter Named GM Of Parade Digital

alex_baxter.jpgPARADE Digital has named Alex Baxter its new General Manager as of today. Baxter, formerly of Wenner Media, 4INFO, and the WSJ, is not brand new to the company—he’s been working with PARADE for the past few months as a consultant, publicist Christie Emden confirms.
What’s he going to be doing now? “Everything,” Emden says. That everything spans across all aspects of PARADE’s digital ventures: editorial, marketing, business development, and ad sales.

“We need to start creating more original content online,” Baxter told us, and the magazine is refining its focus from a general-interest mag. Now Parade plans to focus on celebrity/entertainment news, general news, and food and health, and the Web site will be updated multiple times a day.

Meanwhile, Baxter’s also looking into growing the mag’s online audience. “We have 470 newspaper partners in print. We need to start defining the model for that type of syndication online.”

What does this all mean for the staffers that report to Baxter? “Right now it’s status quo,” he says, “but I will look to align resources where the need is greatest.”