Airborne Was Invented by a Screenwriter?

We thought it was a school teacher. How many more LIES can be associated with this product?!

Ahem. Page Six reports:

WHEN screenwriter Rider McDowell (Wimbledon and Mercy Man) called Page Six seven years ago promoting Airborne, the new cold remedy he and his wife, Victoria, had invented, little did we know how big a success it would become – so big, the McDowells just agreed to pay $23.3 million in refunds to consumers who were misled by advertising claims that the herbal supplement actually prevents colds.

Okay, so it doesn’t prevent colds.

The entry continues:

McDowell told us at the time he deserved some credit for the conception of Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick‘s just-born son, James, 5. Seems the couple had been planning a trip to Greece and Italy nine months earlier and didn’t want to board a germ-packed plane without taking Airborne, which wasn’t for sale at the time in New York. McDowell had a bottle of the fizzie tablets, loaded with Vitamins A and C and zinc, delivered to them, and the rest is history.

So it’s also crappy birth control.

Where’s the settlement for that?