Advertising Pros Aren’t Falling For This Gimmick Job

One industry is apparently immune to the PR-stunt-disguised-as-an-internship gimmick that’s been so prevalent in PR and marketing.

Apparently Mad men and women are too clever for this. AgencySpy is reporting that the Big Ad Gig —in which each wannabe was supposed to upload a YouTube video of said entrant embarrassing him/herself in a public place, essentially—has received just three entries. The deadline is like a week away, so people really do not care about winning, what, a thirty-day paid contract at Crispin, Ogilvy, Saatchi Wellness or Atmosphere Proximity.

And really. Thirty days? That’s like nothing, even if you don’t count weekends. So we’re only a little surprised that only three people entered. Isn’t advertising kind of a wasteland as far as creative jobs go, too? If y’all aren’t suffering as much as journos and flacks, we’re a little jealous.