Adventures in Copy Editing on a Deadline, the Lehman Bros. Edition

lehmanbros091508.pngBy all accounts, The New York Times‘ business team did an outstanding job this weekend of working tirelessly to nail the details of Wall Street’s financial meltdown and get them into this morning’s paper.

The resulting article is thoroughly reported by Jenny Anderson, Eric Dash and Andrew Ross Sorkin, along with contributions from Edmund L. Andrews, Eric Dash, Michael Barbaro, Michael J. de la Merced, Louise Story and Ben White.

It is not, however, well copy edited.

Two errors sneak into the second half of the story:

Mr. Fuld, who steered Lehman through near-death experiences in the past, spent the last several days in his 31st floor office in Lehman’s midtown headquarters on the phone from 6 a.m. until well past midnight trying to find save the firm, a person close to the matter said.

A.I.G. will be the next test. Ratings agencies threatened to downgrade A.I.G.’s credit rating if it does not raise $40 billion by Monday morning, a step that would crippled the company.

Chalk these mistakes up to what was certainly a rush to beat the printing deadline, but we thought they were worth pointing out nonetheless.

Neither has been corrected online.