Adam Lambert Rocks the iHeartMedia House

Some spectacular photos of last night's New York performance.

Katherine Tyler will celebrate her third-year anniversary as an iHeartRadio photo editor and staff photographer in August. As these shots from last night’s Adam Lambert record release concert at The iHeart Theatre in New York so clearly show, she’s killing it!

The audience was made up mainly of fans who won tickets through iHeartRadio’s NYC area stations and website. The iHeart Radio Live performance coincided with Tuesday’s release of Lambert’s third album, The Original High. The first single, “Ghost Town,” has a great lyric line near the top: “I tried to believe, in God and James Dean, but Hollywood sold out.”

Photographer Tyler kick-started her burgeoning career in the late 2000s with successive internships at Elle magazine, BET Networks, Teen Vogue and Publicis Modem. For the benefit of any and all FishbowlNY Glamberts, here’s the set list from last night:

“Ghost Town”
“The Original High”
“Another Lonely Night”
“Whataya Want From Me”
“Evil in the Night”

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