ABC’s ‘Scandal’ Portrays News Media As News Media Pretends To Be: Blind To Identity Politics

In the second season finale of ABC’s political drama “Scandal,” the president, having just been the victim of an attempted assassination, is in critical condition. Sally Langston, the V.P., becomes the nation’s first female president. (And she’s a complete wacko, privately referring to one Supreme Court justices as “gay-loving” and “baby-killing.”)

Hey, this sounds like something the real-life news media would dive right into, publishing stories round the clock.

Not so in Scandal, the episodes of which almost always feature some kind of angle relating to journalists. In this episode, however, there’s hardly a word about how reporters are treating such an historic occasion.

But if such a thing were to happen in real life, here are hypothetical headlines the public could expect from D.C.’s news organization…

WaPo‘s The Fix, written by Chris Cillizza: “Why the first Republican female president doesn’t cure the GOP’s women problem”

Politico: “Behind closed doors, handwringing among House GOP leaders over new ‘bitch’ president”

Drudge Report: “HER HOUSE”


Slate: “How to order a ‘Langston’ at your nearest New York watering hole”

The Atlantic: “The neuroscience behind Langston’s rise to power”

BuzzFeed: “18 hedgehogs looking indifferent at the news of a first female president” (Side note: Actor Dan Bucatinsky, who plays a reporter and husband to White House Chief of Staff Cyrus Beene, bears resemblance to BuzzFeed‘s own Chris Geidner.)