A Visit Back to the Creation Museum: Adam’s Sex Scandal and a Full Tour


Perhaps the post that’s been most enjoyable for this writer to ever have composed was a couple of weeks back with the info about the opening of the Creation Museum in Petersburg, Kentucky, wherein we said it was a great place to visit if you wanted to take a look at “$27 million dollars worth of crazy.” In response to that, we got two letters in. One said they loved the post and thought it was very funny. The other, well, not so happy. So, in the interest of having fun with the “museum” again, we once more return.

The first thing that might have possibly popped up your radar this past weekend was that the actor portraying Adam (he of missing rib fame), Eric Linden, was found to be the owner of a couple of sexually themed websites and photos of him have surfaced with Linden alongside a drag queen. He’s handled it very gracefully, saying that he’s just an actor playing a part and that “if I was hired to play a murderer, that doesn’t mean I’d go out and kill somebody.” Furthermore, he added, “It’s make-believe.” But clearly when you’re opening something like the Creation Museum, you aren’t of sound mind, so their people are freaking out:

The museum’s operators, informed Thursday by the Associated Press of Linden’s online appearances, acted swiftly to suspend airing of the 40-second video in which he appeared.

…”We are currently investigating the veracity of these serious claims of his participation in projects that don’t align with the biblical standards and moral code upon which the ministry was founded,” Answers for Genesis spokesman Mark Looy said in an e-mail statement.


The second bit, very briefly here, comes from one of the best of the many, many pieces we’ve read about the “museum”: a complete tour from the site Blue Grass Roots. It features loads of very interesting photos and the most hilarious commentary we’ve yet read. Here’s a bit from the section in the “museum” of what’s happened to the world after the loss of the Scopes Trial:

We walk into a dark, dirty neon lit hallway. Some hoodlum kids decided to graffiti the walls with their secular progressive propaganda that Bill-O has warned us about. There is even rampant littering, with newspaper strewn all over the ground. Don’t those kids have any respect anymore? Also, a menacing plastic mouse looks over us, another sign of the Godless mess of a world we’ve created.

On the walls are a series on horrific headlines and stories cut from our Godless Liberal Media publications.

Gay Marriage! Abortion! Evolution in the Schools! Science! School Shootings! (Yes, gay marriage is literally equated to mass murder, how festive!)