A User’s Guide to Vanity Fair’s New Establishment List

A User's Guide to VF's New Establishment List

Vanity Fair’s annual “New Establishment” List is on newsstands today, and not surprisingly, most of it looks like the Old Establishment. (People Who Have Been Known to Pay Graydon Carter Consulting Fees—formerly #46—however, have been downgraded to “Moguls in the Running”.)

Walmart CEO H. Lee Scott Jr. is in the #2 spot despite the fact that Walmart’s stock price has done nothing but sink for the last two years (competition, lack of merchandising talent, etc.) but then we don’t expect anyone at Vanity Fair to know anything about any sort of business that doesn’t involve Klieg lights, t-stops and Brian Grazer.

Along those lines, VF ranks the top talent agencies, knocking their member agents and executives off the list (possibly because no one can remember who runs them).

In media, Sumner Redstone’s #3, Rupert Murdoch’s #4, Oprah’s #10 and Martha’s #50. On the upside, they had the good sense to boot Michael Eisner off the list (formerly #36). On the downside, only media-industry narcissism would produce a story that insinuating that Sumner Redstone and Rupert Murdoch were the most powerful leaders of the Information Age.

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The 50 Most Powerful Leaders of the Information Age
(2004 rank in parentheses)

1) SERGEY BRIN, President, Technology, Google Inc. and LARRY PAGE, President, Products, Google Inc. (6)
2) H. LEE SCOTT JR., President and C.E.O., Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. (1)
3) SUMNER REDSTONE, Chairman and C.E.O., Viacom Inc. (3)
4) RUPERT MURDOCH, Chairman and C.E.O., News Corporation (2)
5) STEVE JOBS, C.E.O., Apple Computer, Inc.; Chairman and C.E.O., Pixar Animation Studios (5)
6) BILL GATES, Chairman and Chief Software Architect, Microsoft Corporation (4)
7) MEG WHITMAN, President and C.E.O., eBay Inc. (11)
8) WARREN BUFFETT, Chairman and C.E.O., Berkshire Hathaway Inc. (9)
9) BARRY DILLER, Chairman and C.E.O., InterActiveCorp (8)
10) OPRAH WINFREY, Chairman, Harpo Inc. (23)
11) BRIAN ROBERTS, Chairman and C.E.O., Comcast Corporation (10)
12) STEVE BALLMER, C.E.O., Microsoft Corporation (12)
13) RICHARD PARSONS, Chairman and C.E.O., Time Warner Inc. (14)
14) MICHAEL DELL, Chairman, Dell Inc., and KEVIN ROLLINS, President and C.E.O., Dell Inc. (15)
15) TERRY SEMEL, Chairman and C.E.O., Yahoo Inc. (29)
16) SIR HOWARD STRINGER, Chairman and C.E.O., Sony Corp. (28)
17) BOB WRIGHT, Vice-Chairman and Executive Officer, General Electric; Chairman and C.E.O., NBC Universal (25)
18) JEFF BEZOS, Chairman, President, and C.E.O., Amazon.com, Inc. (7)
19) PETER CHERNIN, President and C.O.O., News Corporation (24)
20) STEVEN SPIELBERG, Co-Principal, Dreamworks SKG (17)
21) DAVID GEFFEN, Co-Principal, Dreamworks SKG (18)
22) LAWRENCE ELLISON, C.E.O., Oracle Corporation (35)
23) JOHN MALONE, Chairman and C.E.O., Liberty Media Corporation (37)
24) JEFF BEWKES, Chairman, Entertainment and Networks Group, Time Warner Inc., & DON LOGAN, Chairman, Media and Communications Group, Time Warner Inc. (19)
25) TOM FRESTON, Co-President and Co-C.O.O., Viacom Inc. (20)
26) LESLIE MOONVES, Co-President and Co-C.O.O., Viacom Inc. (21)
27) SAM PALMISANO, Chairman and C.E.O., International Business Machines (13)
28) CRAIG BARRETT, Chairman, Intel Corporation (26), and PAUL OTELLINI, President and C.E.O., Intel Corporation (N/A)
29) JEFFREY KATZENBERG, Co-Principal, Dreamworks SKG (27)
30) ROBERT IGER, President, C.O.O., and C.E.O.-Designate, The Walt Disney Company (N/A)
31) JERRY BRUCKHEIMER, Producer, Jerry Bruckheimer Films (39)
32) ROGER AILES, Chairman and C.E.O., Fox News (33)
33) LAWRENCE PROBST, Chairman and C.E.O., Electronic Arts (32)
34) TOM CRUISE, Actor; Producer; Partner, Cruise/Wagner Productions (31)
35) HARVEY WEINSTEIN, Co-Chairman, The Weinstein Company, and BOB WEINSTEIN, Co-Chairman, the Weinstein Company (22)
36) TOM HANKS, Actor; Producer; Owner, Playtone Productions (30)
37) JOHN CHAMBERS, President and C.E.O., Cisco Systems (50)
38) PAUL ALLEN, Founder and Chairman, Vulcan Inc.; Chairman, Charter Communications, Inc. (38)
39) JOHN DOERR, Partner, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers (N/A)
40) HERBERT ALLEN, JR., President and C.E.O., Allen & Company (41)
41) MEL KARMAZIN, C.E.O., Sirius Satellite Radio (N/A)
42) JUDY McGRATH, Chairman and C.E.O., MTV Networks (N/A)
43) J. K. ROWLING, Author (N/A)
44) CHRIS ALBRECHT, Chairman and C.E.O., HBO (44)
45) DOUG MORRIS, Chairman and C.E.O., Universal Music Group (47)
46) DAN BROWN, Author (N/A)
47) MARK MAYS, President and C.E.O., Clear Channel Communications (N/A)
48) ANN MOORE, Chairman and C.E.O., Time Inc., NORMAN PEARLSTINE, Editor-in-Chief, Time Inc., and JOHN HUEY, Editorial Director, Time Inc. (49)
49) EDGAR BRONFMAN JR., Chairman and C.E.O., Warner Music Group (48)
50) MARTHA STEWART, Founder, Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia (N/A)