A “Third World Story”

A "Third World Story"

Continuing our Katrina coverage for a bit longer, The Post and NYTimes look at the media handling round-the-clock coverage from Katrina’s path and the logistical nightmare of supporting crews and maintaining communication.

Fox News’ VP of newsgathering, John Stack, compares it to “covering a war zone or a Third World story” in trying to ferry equipment, food and fresh crews into the region.

John Roberts spent Tuesday with his CBS crew on an overpass over I-10, cutting off a sat feed to save gas. Like crews from CNN, ABC and NBC, the CBS team is sleeping in trucks in New Orleans. Fox is housing most of its reporters outside the city.

While crews are working with widespread power failures, disrupted cell phone service (Stack says cell phones are as good as paperweights) and a lack of fuel, supplies are beginning to arrive from around the country.