A Room of Mark’s Own: Hamburg Talks Lightroom


From Xplane comes a great feature from the site since1968, part one of an interview with Mark Hamburg about developing Adobe‘s new Lightroom. Also some bits about Photoshop in there, as he was Hamburg was also one of the creators of that program as well. Here’s some:

I started out worrying about alternative paradigms for image editing, but then my manager at the time, Greg Gilley, who was an avid photographer, started to push toward: “Well, we just have all this stuff, and how do we deal with lots of images and what can we get out of pushing ACR further.” Actually the way he got me to deal with that was he pushed me to go get a camera and start shooting more. I very rapidly determined that as interesting as it was to do image editing there was clearly just a general problem that comes from shooting far more than the tools are really built to deal with. At this stage it’s focused on “I’m shooting gigs of images and I need a tool to deal with that.”