A Quick Tour Through the Empty Holes of Unfinished Architecture Projects


Remember back in April when we were finally given the very-usable phrase “Accidental Architecture,” refering to buildings that were never fully completed? Or our post last December talking about Nick Paumgarten‘s New Yorker piece, “The Pits,” about what NY would look like once the financial crunch had fully taken hold and construction stopped throughout the city? We bring these refreshers back up as we return to both topics in turning to John Hill‘s always fantastic A Daily Dose of Architecture, as he recently took a tour to check out what was supposed to be built, but hasn’t yet. It’s a small handful of “what could have been” shots of walled-up non-construction and one, Norman Foster‘s Sperone Westwater Gallery, falling into that “what might be, but not any time soon.” It’s a great way to put a face to what’s happened to big architecture during this economic fall from grace.