A Panel to Remember (Or, er, Forget)

What’s it like bumping into someone who once wrote a story charging that you were involved in a male prostitution ring?

We have no idea. But the Washington Examiner‘s Mark Tapscott does.

On Friday Tapscott was on the same “Shining Light into Dark Places” CPAC panel as ex-TWT colleague George Archibald. Archibald, listed as a freelancer, wrote the 1989 piece that named Tapscott as among those who had “procured male escort services” in a prostitution ring. Tapscott resigned as Assistant Managing Editor of TWT shortly thereafter. Though his resignation was accepted, Tapscott denied involvement.

Others on the panel: Lee Pitts, WORLD Magazine, Les Sillars, Patrick Henry College. The moderator was Mindy Belz of WORLD Magazine.

We sought comment from Tapscott and Archibald.

Update #1: Tapscott didn’t care to comment today, but he invited me over to the Examiner newsroom tomorrow so I can get more than a “mere” comment. Hopefully he’ll be wearing interesting shoes.