A Live “10 Questions” with George Clooney

(Jemal Countess/Getty Images)

Yesterday at the Luce Room in the Time Life Building, Time magazine’s Richard Stengel interviewed George Clooney in a live version of the magazine’s “10 Questions” feature, and FishbowlNY was there. Stengel used the opportunity to probe Clooney on a variety of subjects, from his efforts in Darfur to why he cast Ryan Gosling in The Ides of March (“I just figured we’d go cheap”).

A couple things we noticed: Clooney is a funny guy, but even when he made a bad joke, everyone — yes, including us — laughed. This is what you do when standing near a super celebrity. You hope your mindless laughter confuses him so much that he asks to be your best friend. Also, Stengel was completely at ease with Clooney. There were no stale or awkward moments, which is a credit to his interviewing style.

Check out some of the highlights from the interview below.

On the state of journalism:
“Part of the responsibility of news is to put things in context. When I was growing up you had three networks, and you basically got the same version of the news from each. Then from there, depending on your political and social views, you would make decisions. Now people go to whatever best represents their beliefs; so I believe people are starting from a different fact base, which I believe polarizes us farther and farther apart.”

On why he doesn’t use Twitter:
“I don’t use Twitter because I tend to drink in the evening, and I don’t want anything that I could possibly write at midnight to actually end my career. [I’d type] ‘You can kiss my ass.’ All spelled wrong.”

On Occupy Wall Street:
“Any time there is an actual grass roots movement that isn’t funded by a group of people trying to create a grass roots movement it’s a good thing.”

On his political aspirations:
“I like my job much, much more. Plus, the White House would be downgrade [from my house].”