A Little Birdy Tells Us….

CQ Roll Call Publicist Rebecca Gale has a novel coming out. Don’t worry CQ Roll Caller‘s, it’s not an exposé about a Washington newsroom. The book’s working title is called Trying and is expected out in December. This is Gale’s first novel.

While the book isn’t about a Washington newsroom, it is a love story about a woman who falls for a government spy. Can their love survive his grueling all-consuming job?

We’re told the book is actually a a hybrid of romance and science-fiction. Gale submitted a short story for Red which was accepted, and then spoke to Boxfire Press about turning it into a novel.

The Description from Amazon: “Mandy thinks the most interesting thing about herself is her boyfriend, Cal. He makes her proud, not because he’s anything special, but because they’ve just taken the step of moving across the country and getting a grown-up apartment, the start to sharing what she hopes will be the rest of their lives. Cal, though, really moved for work, a government project he can’t tell Mandy about. So instead, they spend their time together wandering the city, work-secrets lofting between them as they sip cheap drinks during happy hour specials. Yeah, they have a simple, happy, big-city life, but it’s one Mandy loves. Or so she thinks. Cal’s secret job deals in classified information, knowledge so powerful and dangerous that the government has found a unique way to make sure no one person knows too much: it’s poisonous in large doses. Unfortunately for some, like Cal, it’s also addictive. The more Mandy learns about Cal’s work, the more she realizes how much of him she has already lost. Unless she can figure out how to save him, the same intellectual curiosity that made him so attractive when she was just a student and he was her professor is the same thing that might tear them apart forever.”