A Letter To The Editor

We recently wrote this:

    FishbowlDC has learned that George H.W. Bush will deliver the Keynote Address at the Washington Times’ May 17 gala at the National Building Museum.

    From a letter from Washington Times LLC President Thomas McDevitt: ”The evening includes a special reception; the inaugural Founding Spirit Awards; dinner; and a Founder’s Addre from the Reverend Sun Myung Moon, whose commitment to the need for diverse viewpoints in the nation’s capital during the Cold War era led to the launch of the Washington Times on May 17, 1982.”

One reader apparently didn’t like that item (reprinted with permission with of the author):

    Dear Patrick,

    what a sad person you must be, resorting to inaccurate reporting, distorted half truths and laughable comments just to get your stinking name out there at the expense of a religious figure who has done more for peace in this world than you’ll ever know.

    “And the King of the Ocean , but it’s in his role as the Messiah that he goes around demanding churches throw out their crosses and start worshipping him instead.” -that’s not true!

    As I said, if you were really after the truth you would study his revelation contained in “The Principle” and discover that Jesus is the one who anointed him, and gave him this revelation.

    Why? because the time has come to put aside our differences and focus on saving this world instead!

    For now, please refrain from judging a religious figure who is following the Will of God.

    It’s not very healthy or wise to attack people like Rev. Sun Myung Moon, who suffered tremendously to follow what Jesus has showed him.

    I pray that one day you’ll understand the deep heart and motivation behind Rev. Moon’s life, and start changing your life!