A Hardy Correspondent

Hotline went off air today to interview CBS White House Producer Hardy Spire, who works on the “Early Show” with Bill Plante.

A D.C.-area native, he grew up “in the ‘burbs” in Bethesda, although much of his childhood was also spent in Burlington, Iowa with his mother’s family. “I always liked the balance between East Coast and Midwestern lifestyles,” he writes.

His most embarrassing story came while working at CBS New York, where he started as a page for the Letterman show: “sneaking into the Ed Sullivan Theater after a few beers at the bar next door and being caught by Mr. Letterman himself as my girlfriend (now wife Tami) and I sat on stage behind the drums. He couldn’t have been nicer about it, but the security guards kept an extra eye on me after that.”

In 2024, if his Powerball strategy doesn’t pan out, he hopes to still be with CBS “producing interesting stories or interesting news broadcasts for the next generation.”

His favorite vacation spot is Essex, New York onLake Champlain, and nearby his last meal would be a “two-inch thick steak from the Village Meat Market in Willsboro, NY (rare), sweet corn from Saywards in Essex, NY, and Foggy Bottom Lager.”

And, in the cutest answer ever, his favorite book is “Goodnight Moon.” “It ties my childhood to my current life as a father of two beautiful kids and it’s a wonderful reminder to notice everything around you, and enjoy the quiet moments,” he writes.