A Couple Thinking Problems That Experts Are Going To Be Talking About


September 1. A quick check of our calendars and it looks like–thank The Flying Spaghetti Monster–that silly season is over and party season is underway. If by party we mean panel. More than you can shake a stick at. Next week, September 7th, a discussion on ergonomic products. Kevin J. Costello, Manny Halpern, Dennis Mitchell, Chandra Nair, and Barbara Peck are speaking, any and all ergonomic catfights moderated by Dan Cannon. Officially:

Join us for a panel discussion that will delve into what it means for a product to be ergonomic. With so many products on the market today carrying an “ergonomic” label, our panel of experts will discuss what objective and subjective analyses should be used to validate that claim. What criteria must manufacturers meet before applying an “ergonomic” label to their products? Must a product measurably improve the health and safety of its users, or does a marginal or even unproven increase in comfort justify its use?

Thinking cap, on.

Humanscale NY Showroom
11 East 26th St, 8th Fl

RSVP to Karen Brooking at 212-353-1383 or RSVP1@bdeonline.biz. Space is, obviously, limited.