A Civil War: Post Takes High And Low Roads Simultaneously

nypost_beats_daily_news.jpgFrom today’s New York Observer:

Now the Post editor [Col Allan] — who was never shy about lobbing cannonballs and flaming pitch when the Daily News was in front — was reluctant to speak ill of the competitor.

“The Post’s circulation continues to grow,” Mr. Allan, 53, said by phone on Feb. 20. “I think that I’m hopeful that the March numbers will show some further growth.”

From Keith Kelly‘s column in today’s Post:

A civil war has erupted inside the Daily News over the paper’s reaction to revelations that their reporting on a New York City police officer who died of lung cancer was flawed.

According to insiders, key personnel on the news side think that a Feb. 15 editorial in the newspaper was an outright sellout of the news side by the editorial board. It came two days after a New York Times front-page story on Feb. 13 poked holes in the Daily News campaign surrounding the celebrated Cesar Borja‘s actions in the months after 9/11.